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The only Buddhist nation on earth is also the only country in the world that measures its success in terms of ‘Gross National Happiness’.  Bhutan has some of the highest peaks on the planet, where unique and welcoming monasteries cling to cliff faces, and is both culturally fascinating and an outdoor recreational wonderland for hikers and mountain trekkers to explore. It’s also one of the least-visited non-hostile nations on earth, because it has been very careful about tourism development:  to avoid sprawl and over-development.  Guided by the policy of high value and low impact, Bhutan requires visitors to have fully planned itineraries before arrival with minimum required daily spending for easy exploration. Accessible only from Thailand, India, and Nepal, ‘The Land of The Thunder Dragon’ is one of the most unique individual places on earth, physically and culturally.  The national Geographic Adventure Magazine listed Bhutan as one of the top adventure destinations in 2010, so did the Wanderlust Magazine, which has repeatedly rated and proclaimed as a ‘Top Country’.  Bhutan scored highest at the Wanderlust Travel Awards 2009 in two categories:  To Country/Destination and Top worldwide airport.  The Paro International Airport was listed as number 2 on the list of 10 Top Airports worldwide.  Bhutan also received the award of “Most Refreshing Tour” in the 25th ITE (International Travel Expo), Hongkong in June 2011.  Similarly, Bhutan was awarded the “New Promising Destination Award” by Fairfest Media in 2012.   Over the years Bhutan has won numerous other awards as well.  In the immediate past, after its first hosting in 2012 in Paro, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) hosted the International Tourism Mart from February 4, 2015, to February 6, 2015, in Thimphu for the second time substantiates the country's growing reputation as one of the world's sought-after travel destinations.  PATA is an association working to promote responsible development of travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region.

In an award ceremony held in ITB Berlin, Germany, Bhutan was awarded the Earth Award on March 7, 2018. A jury representing we leading sustainable agencies and networks selected Bhutan from among more than 100 top sustainable destinations. The award program is initiated to recognize and appreciate tourism destinations that work toward managing 'over tourism' and their commitment in sustainable tourism development and promotion. It also provides a platform to showcase 'green destinations' to the world.

The development path Bhutan is following is unique and very different for you to experience:

1. Natural Bhutan despite the touch by the hands of time for more than half a century;

2. Bhutan follows a unique path of discipline known as Driglam Namzha that sets Bhutan apart from rest of the world in behaving, thinking, and speaking;

3. indestructible vajra called vajrayana Buddhism is our way of life and it's an indispensable part and parcel of our lives;

4. Bhutan follows different development path also known as gross national happiness, and we compromised nothing for the sake our own happiness and the happiness of others.  This is a boddhisattva way of developing the country for the benefit of all; 

5. All we do inside the house of GNH is manufacture happiness, and its four pillars is critical in keeping the GNH house strong and stable in the face of marauding force of modern developments we're already undergoing.

There could not be a stronger testament to the fact that Bhutan is a very coveted destination, indeed.

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